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Spotlight On This Week’s Top Earners

Christina Hammond

An au pair from Prague who found this software in a feature in Forbes. She immediately created a free account and now has $23,716 in her account.

Natalie Ricci

A maintenance engineer from Sorrento who earned $6,052 after just 24 hours of using the software. Her initial investment was just $250.

Fabrice Pierro

An ex-student from the University of Paris who turned his $250 investment into a small fortune of $131,332.

Chris Matheson

An ex-uber driver who made $12,001 in 2 days after an initial investment of just $250.

Anthony Lewis

A Selfridge sales associate made $19,682 after using the software for only 3 days. He used his profits to take his family on a wild adventure to Tasmania!

Caroline Yourf

A former au-pair from London, who turned her weekly salary of $250 into an unbelievable fortune of $345,768.